From Still To Shaker: The Story Of Claridge's Gin
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Gin is a cornerstone of hospitality at Claridge’s, enjoyed from the earliest moments of the hotel’s history through to the present day. Finding the right flavour profile for our in-house gin was therefore an exercise that couldn’t be rushed.

Guests have been enjoying gin Martinis in our Thierry Despont, beaux arts-inspired hideaway, The Fumoir, since 1931. The complex relationship between London and gin, meanwhile, goes back even further, which made one decision for Claridge’s team very straightforward: our own mix should be a true London Dry Gin. This was the brief then, given to The Boatyard Distillery, who were appointed producers of Claridge’s own-label gin in 2021.

The Boatyard Distillery is based in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and focuses on crafting premium spirits that combine quality with provenance and heritage. Specialising in the production of gin, they use a Copper Alembic Pot Still called ‘Érainn’, and employ a traditional ‘steep and boil’ method using solely organic ingredients.

The Spirit Of Claridge's

Dedicated to producing gins for the purpose of mixology (Martinis to be precise), The Boatyard team were the perfect partner for Claridge’s. The next step: selecting our botanicals. After deliberations, distillations and a number of tasting sessions, we settled on a juniper-forward style where an abundance of coriander seeds replicate a citrus element, alongside angelica, caraway and liquorice.

The flavour is then further enhanced with forced Yorkshire rhubarb, giving the blend a much sweeter note. Created as an homage to Claridge’s rich history with a special nod to the legendary Afternoon Tea service, chamomile tea from the Rare Tea Company completes the profile. The chamomile marries perfectly with the dry botanical nature of the gin, whilst adding wonderful aromas. Claridge’s Gin is then distilled to an ABV of 46%, giving it the strength it needs to stand up in both a Martini, and a gin and tonic.

Clad in the classic Claridge’s jade, our gin can now be spotted throughout the hotel’s bars and restaurants. Or for the secret of how to achieve the perfect serve at home, our mixologist’s Martini recipe (and many more) can be found in the Claridge’s Cocktail Book.