A Match Made In Art Deco Heaven: Claridge's x Richard Brendon
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Like all the greatest stories, the fine art of pottery has been passed down through generations. When it came to the latest chapter for Claridge’s, the newly added chinaware capsule collection, we turned to the Richard Brendon studio, renowned for its contemporary retellings of heritage craft – and the master makers in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Quintessentially British materials. A legacy of craftsmanship carefully preserved. Each piece in the Claridge’s x Richard Brendon collection has been designed to capture the pure joy of time spent around a table, sipping tea and swapping stories – time and again. As beautiful on the eye as they are to hold, there’s something particularly special about the personally crafted nature of these chic ceramics. In fact, as Richard himself says: “piece of our bone china has passed through several pairs of hands before it arrives at your table. That's what we mean when we say handmade.”  

The Claridge's Collection

In its geometric lines, monochrome colourway and gild detailing, the Claridge’s x Richard Brendon collection beautifully re-captures the art deco spirit of the hotel – from teacups and saucer duos to bone china sugar bowls. The palette and patterns instantly call to mind stepping inside Claridge’s landmark lobby, and the flooring that paves the way to Afternoon Tea. Meanwhile, the polished gold teapot and teacup that hail from the Reflect collection are contemporary interpretations of timeless glamour, echoing the Claridge’s of today. With each element in this capsule collection also used to serve tea in The Painter’s Room, it really does bring a flavour of the hotel home.

A New Marion Dorn

The entranceways to Claridge’s form the foundations of its singular blend of art deco elegance and contemporary flair – echoed in the Marion Dorn carpets that lie underfoot. Acclaimed Jazz Age designer Marion Dorn was dubbed the ‘architect of floors’, breaking new ground in more ways than one with her almost rhythmic pattern work. Her commissions appeared across the globe, from Vogue to the White House and, of course, at Claridge’s.

This tradition has been poured into the Marion Dorn-inspired mugs in the Claridge’s collection. With editions in monochrome and the hotel’s signature jade hue, the fine striped detailing that traces their silhouettes is elegant and evocative – catching, and holding the eye, just as her designs have done for centuries.

 In The Stoke-On-Trent Tradition

A tribute to true British craft, the bone china at the core of the Claridge’s x Richard Brendon anthology takes us even further back in time, hailing from Stoke-on-Trent – the heart of pottery production since the 17th century. The same potteries continue to fire up the contemporary designers and makers of today, including those at the Richard Brendon studio.

“We pride ourselves on working with a team of exceptionally skilled craftspeople in Stoke-on-Trent, many of whom have been slip casting, fettling and hand-painting for decades. Needless to say, we wouldn’t work with anyone else to bring our designs to life.”  Richard Brendon

It’s the ceramic traditions, passed down from mentor to apprentice that puts each design, quite literally, in such safe hands. Slip casting shapes the base before fettling smooths the surface to create a flawless profile. Finally, hand-painting brings a bespoke touch to the final designs, bringing the story full circle. To see the finished articles, explore the complete collection in person or online at Claridge’s Shop.