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In a time when lunch is often ‘grabbed on the go’ and fast food prevails, a fully dressed dining table is a statement of intent. It signals an occasion. One where people are in no rush. Where conversation flows, food is savoured, and memories are made. United in the belief that fine dining moments can (and should) be created anywhere, Claridge’s collaboration with Summerill & Bishop brings the art of table-scaping home.

Whether breakfast for two or dinner for twenty, Notting Hill-based homeware brand Summerill & Bishop believe that every meal is an opportunity for celebration. Their ambition is to change the way we eat by ‘dressing the table for the occasion, no matter how big or small’. This ethos is one shared by Claridge’s, where, when it comes to presentation, attention to detail is paramount. From a single-stemmed rose gracing an in-room dining service, to a Bacchus-worthy banquet, there’s always a way to transform a meal from the everyday, into the exceptional. 

“Laying the table is an art form that we can all master at home and is one of the simplest ways to tell someone what they mean to you. The table isn't just a place to pass food, you pass tradition, memory, and love, too.” Summerill & Bishop

Laying The Foundations

Candlelight and flowers are often the crowning glory of a dinner display. But for Summerill & Bishop, the foundation of a finely crafted table is the linen. So much so that over the years, table linen has become the focus of the business, and the humble tablecloth is referred to as ‘The fabric of life’. Taking this humble item to new heights, the brand artfully combines a bohemian aesthetic with timeless sophistication.

Our ongoing collaboration with Summerill & Bishop was born from a shared passion for craftsmanship and dedication to the art of entertaining. Featuring tablecloths and napkins in a striking checkerboard pattern, the Claridge’s x Summerill & Bishop collection draws inspiration from our art deco lobby. Each year, as summer approaches, there’s no better time to plan a leisurely evening of entertainment for friends and family, where the table is dressed as well as your guests.  

Available in four colourways, the geometric design brings dramatic flair in the original black and white, while blue, pink and green versions paint a more mellow picture – ideal for a Mediterranean inspired menu, enjoyed al fresco. Made from 100% linen, the material is lightweight and natural, with a purposefully crumpled texture. Matching napkins complete the look, leaving nothing more to do than send out the invitations.

See the full collection at the Claridge’s Shop.